French writing

I lived in Lyon, France, for four years and speak fluent French. Over there I worked as an English teacher and then as assistant director on documentaries for French television.

I still often work in French in different ways.


I found these stories in France and Belgium, interviewed the subjects in French then wrote the stories in English for UK publications.

Sophie Serrano's story

I interviewed Sophie Serrano in French and wrote her story in English for MailOnline and four English-language magazines

Patricia LeFranc's story

I interviewed Patricia Le Franc in French and wrote her story in English for two magazines – Best and Chat.

Copy writing:

La Petite Ecole D'Edimbourg

I translated the English section of this French language school’s website.

Translation and subtitling:

Orchestre Nationale de Lyon

I translated two hour-long documentaries from English to French for the Orchestre Nationale de Lyon and subtitled them using Final Cut Pro editing software.

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